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EOIN Technology Limited provides mechanical engineering design, development and consultancy services to small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses, both locally and further afield. The company can also provide a full spectrum of services from contract draughting to the supply of special purpose and bespoke machinery and systems.

The company was started in the firm belief that there exists a market for design expertise and bespoke equipment amongst smaller and growing manufacturing companies looking for a productive edge over their competitors, which cannot be serviced in-house or from existing suppliers. These companies most likely have no design facilities of their own and are faced with a reluctance of suppliers to offer customised equipment to smaller customers. It was apparent that here was a gap which could be filled by a company like EOIN. Taken together with the preference of smaller, more dynamic businesses to deal with similar suppliers, in a flexible, down-to-earth manner, it seemed that EOIN Technology could offer a lot to such customers.

The initial aim of EOIN Technology as a relatively new company is to acquire and retain clients by a flexible approach: offering services ranging from short-term on/off-site design/draughting services, through design consultancy, to supply of finished equipment. This will allow new clients to gain confidence in the company's abilities in easy stages and hence develop a good, and hopefully long, working relationship. The company is happy to produce no-cost. speculative proposals for solutions to a potential client's problem as a first step in this process.

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